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For handmade jewelry and craft lovers everywhere? Do you love gemstones myth and magic, jewelry, needle crafts, and fashion? With a little bit of history thrown in, then stay with us for gemstone fun facts including, birthstone folklore, gemstone meanings, spiritual qualities and symbolism, unusual and rare gemstones, gemstone trivia, cursed gemstones.

Handmade Jewelry

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Gemstones/Birthstones Myth and Magic

What is your birthstone? Are you looking for a piece of jewelry with your birthstone or as a special gift for someone else? Visit the Lululilyjewelry Etsy store for handmade jewelry featuring some of the gemstones and birthstones included here.


Are you interested in the history of lace making, but what does that have to do with gemstones you may wonder. Find out here, read about the folklore surrounding lace bobbins to learn more.

Find information and free stuff for other crafts such as knitting, crochet, embroidery and more. Learn a new hobby and have some fun teaching yourself or your children or both, with free beginner online videos to get you started.

Free Printables, Planners and Tutorials

Fun and colorful quotes, printable and ready to frame  Inspirational Quotes 

If you make jewelry and want to brush up on techniques, or if you are learning here are some good online tutorials Jewelry making tutorials

Do you need a little help to get organized whether it is for shopping, planning a party, creating a menu here are some printable lists for the holidays Planners and Lists

History and Trivia

Murano Glass is beautiful handmade glass from Italy, used for vases, bowls and also jewelry, they also have a fascinating history.

Cursed  Diamonds!! Murder, theft and intrigue, stories behind some of the world’s most famous, and most beautiful diamonds.

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