Aquamarine the gemstone for March birthdays

Aquamarine the gemstone for March birthdays, is part of the Beryl family which includes gemstones such as Emerald and Morganite.

There is much folklore surrounding aquamarine gemstone, here a few snippets below to enjoy.

Birthstone printable posters can be found here and would make an inexpensive but personal gift, when put into a frame of your choice.

A wedding gift

A bridegroom can give aquamarine as a gift to his bride, not just for the “something blue”, but also because when exchanged by lovers it can help the path of their interactions.

Aquamarine in crystal healing

Aquamarine can be used in a similar way to amethyst, for help in calming emotional problems, it can also be worn to help relieve the pain of toothache and to help illnesses of the jaw, throat and stomach.

March Birthstone
Aquamarine crystal the birthstone for March

Since aquamarine is considered a cleansing and purifying stone. it is said that if you make a tincture by placing an aquamarine in a glass of fresh water. Then leave in full moonlight (outdoors is best), for three hours.  Remove the stone and drink the liquid for purification and heightened psychic awareness.

I have not tried any of these things so do not take my word that it works, though you may like to try for yourself!

Aquamarine the gemstone for March birthdays, being part of the Beryl family this gemstone is  fairly hard wearing and good for most types of jewelry. The bracelet below was made by me using aquamarine gemstone and Swarovski crystal.

March Birthstone
Available from my Etsy store Lululilyjewelry.

The ancient Romans believed that aquamarine provided energy and cured laziness, and would also protect them against any dangers while travelling by sea.

Aquamarine deposits can be found in several States within the U.S. including Wyoming, Idaho and central Colorado.

The largest gemstone quality aquamarine ever mined was found in Marambaia, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1910. Weighing in at over 110 kg (243 lb), its dimensions were 48.5 cm (19 in) long and 42 cm (16 12 in) in diameter.
The Dom Pedro aquamarine is the world’s largest cut aquamarine gem. It was cut from a crystal originally weighing approximately 100 pounds (45 kg) and measuring more than 3 feet (0.91 m) in length. The stone was mined in Pedra Azul, in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil around 1980, and named after the Brazilian emperors Pedro I and Pedro II.
Aquamarine Picture taken from Wikipedia under the Creative CommonsAttribution ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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