Birthstone Folklore

Gemstones and Birthstones

Birthstone folklore

Birthstone folklore and fascinating facts surrounding yours and your family’s birthstones.  What are the properties, fascinating facts and stories that have been passed down over the centuries.

Maybe it is just a favorite gemstone that you like to wear, but whatever the reason, birthstone folklore and gemstones are unique each have their own healing properties and spiritual meanings, some are linked to royalty, some are from other planets!


Raw Opal October Birthstone
Wear an Opal to encourage loyalty and faithfulness


Sapphire, September Birthstone
Symbolic of truth and honesty


Birthstones by month - , August Birthstone
A truly cosmic gemstone!


Ruby, July Birthtone
Ruby, a symbol of power and wealth


Birthstones by month - June Birthstone
Pearls a symbol of wisdom!


Birthstones by month - Emerald - May birthstone
Emeralds, symbolic of rebirth and immortality


Aquamarine - March birthstone
A mermaid’s treasure


Birthstones by month - Amethyst - February Birthstone
A Royal Gemstone



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