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Antique Lace – Guipure Lace

Antique Lace – Guipure Lace. The lace making industry of the town of Le Puy and the surrounding area had suffered a decline. The industry started making a come back in the 1820’s and 1830’s. Manufacturers started producing a black silk lace known as guipure. This style is a bobbin lace which connects motifs with bars or plaits, rather than net or mesh. The word guipure is French, and was used to describe a lace which had a gimp or […]

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Brief History of Lace and Lace Making

Lace, A History of

Brief History of Lace and Lace Making This brief history of lace and lace making goes back several centuries but this is a very brief outline. However, we do not have a definite date as to when lace originated in the United Kingdom. Early texts would suggest that lace as we now know it, originated in the 16th century. Although there were already fine open weave finishes and nets, the techniques used to create them were not the same as […]

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Beads and Lace Bobbins – What are Spangles?

Lace Bobbins, Lace Making

Lace bobbins have always been a fascination for me, the picture to the left is a selection from my own collection, they are on my lace pillow creating the lace shown here.  There is so much history and folklore surrounding the bobbins and the spangles (beading) that is added to them. I can make lace by hand, although at the moment can only do this when my cats are asleep, otherwise they come running at the sound of the beads. […]

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