Tutorials and how to’s for jewelry

Tutorials and How to’s for Jewelry

Jewelry Making Tutorials

Jewelry making tutorials

Tutorials and how to’s for jewelry – I am very bad at making my own videos, but you may find these free Jewelry Making Tutorials helpful.

It may also give you inspiration to make a creation of your own once you see how easy it can be.

Costume jewelry you see in department stores for $50 up you could make for a fraction of the cost and have fun doing it.

Various jewelry making kits for both starters and professionals

More Tutorials and How to’s for Jewelry

How to Wear Different Length Necklaces

So have you often wondered how to wear different length necklaces, how to style them, layer them, what looks better with a round neckline, a v-neckline, roll neck sweater etc.

Of course, it is down to personal preference, but there really are many different length necklaces to choose from 16″ all the way up to 45″.

Here is a guide on how to wear.

Standard Necklace lengths

Real Ruby versus Synthetic

Buying a Ruby – July Birthstone? What you should know first!

Buying a diamond? What you should look for…

Buying a Diamond - What to Look for..

Jewelry questions

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