How to Wear Different Length Necklaces

Standard Necklace lengths

So have you often wondered how to wear different length necklaces, how to style them, layer them, what looks better with a round neckline, a v-neckline etc.

A choker, collar or petite length necklace would be around 14″ to 15″. This length necklace will rest around the base of the neck. You may also want to use this length for children’s jewelry.

The typical standard length begins at 16″ length. This size will fit most people.

18″ or 20″ is a good choice if you prefer a looser fit. This is also the style known as “princess” length (17″ to 19″). This necklace style also gives you a few more options to mix and match necklaces with different lengths/layers.

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How to wear different length necklaces

20″ to 24″ lets pendants and charms hang loosely and it a little more casual in style. This is also called a “matinee” necklace length.

28″ to 34″ is an “opera” length. This size may allow you to create a double-stranded necklace option and gives a lot of versatility, this can also be worn similar to a lariat, or I also use my own necklaces of this length as a belt.

Over 45″ is often called a “rope” length, and is the longest option available for necklaces. You often see this length of necklace used in pearl strands. Think of the 1920’s flapper style. Wear long as a single strand or double up.

My jewelry at Lululily Jewelry is handmade so I can create your necklace to a custom length if you have another preference.

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