April Birthstone

Diamonds the Birthstone for April – History and Folklore

Diamonds the Birthstone for April Diamonds the birthstone for April, and a symbol of everlasting love. So no surprise that it is the stone of choice for many brides, and is also traditionally associated with the 60th wedding anniversary. April Birthstone Poem Stuck for a special birthday gift, take a look at our colorful Gregorian Birthstone poems which center around the traditional birthstone as indicated in the Gregorian calendar. These poems are of “unknown author”. Tiffany’s first printed them in a […]

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A Cursed Diamond! – Some Of The Most Famous Diamonds

Is there any such thing as a cursed diamond, you may be suprised. Learn more about some of the most famous diamonds and their history below. The Hope Diamond One of the most famous, the ‘Hope Diamond’ at 45.52 carats, is not the largest diamond in the world, however, it is the largest known deep blue diamond. Originally believed to  have been mined in India in the 16th century from the Kollur Mine though there is no record who owned […]

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Diamonds – Buying a Diamond, what you should look for?

Cursed diamonds, fascinating facts

Buying a Diamond, what you should look for? Buying a diamond, what you should look for to avoid disappointment later. As the song goes ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. Diamonds are also the birthstone for April, see more diamond trivia and folklore. A large number of us love them, especially in our engagement rings and wedding bands, but do you know what to look for when purchasing that most special piece of jewelry? Before buying a diamond, become familiar […]

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